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Shen zhen Meijiacai Printing CO., Ltd. is a comprehensive company which specialized in integrated services of pre-press design, printing and post-press process.With the professional sales team and strict manufacturing group,and the technology backbone has the rich experience in printing.
The company is located in the Xinghui Technology Park of Baoan District of Shenzhen, and also has its overseas customer service office in Kwai Chung of New Territories, Hong Kong. There are four business departments in the company, i.e. color-box packaging printing, commercial printing, adhesive-sticker printing and office stationery printing, to provide customers with one-stop printing solutions.
With all staff's determination of forging ahead, innovation and hard-working, and under the guide of global brand strategy, starting from the original workshop-based factory since its establishment,the company has developed into a well-known high-tech printing enterprise in Shenzhen.
The company has a number of advanced printing machines such as Heidelberg folio 4+1,folio four-color, quarto four-color and 1+1 double sides folio, providing powerful hardware guarantees on the product quality and creative realization. The core team of the company has a profound professional background and rich practice experiences, seeking for the perfect integration of technique and art. Since the company was established, it has provided qualified design and printing services for various famous brands and enterprises both at home and abroad, winning the favorable comments from its business partners such as Foxconn, ZTE, Huawei and Nam Tai box with window

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